Traditional ritual denied: Direct attack on Hinduism and its way of life

Reporters Club: World Hindu Youth Union’s International Committee along with the World Hindu Federation Committee for the valley has strenuously opposed the current group that disallowed sacred Hindu rituals known as the “Shraddh” in memory of their loved ones and ancestors, in Kagbeni of Mustang district.

Organizing an urgent press conference at the Reporters Club the members demanded that the rituals should be allowed to take place as per the Hindu customs with immediate effect, and if further interruptions continue in their way of life, they will take to the streets in full-fledged protest to save their culture, and religious practice.

They warned that they will not take this matter lightly and will further their campaign in the coming days.

Shraddh is a Sanskrit word, taken for an act that is done in the form of a ritual in the memory and remembrance of a loved one, and ancestor. People perform this ritual as a memory yearly in order for their loved ones to have a peaceful afterlife. It has a lot of emotion attached to the entire process.

According to the press release it stated that when the religious head Jagatguru Ananta Shri Bhibhusit Balsanta Mohansharan Devacharya Maharajshri went to Kagbeni to conduct the ritual of Shraddha along with his devotees and followers, a certain group demeaned the entire process by resorting to violent acts of hooliganism. They are extremely upset over what has transpired because this tradition and practice has an age-old history. They requested the media to look into the matter with seriousness.

Kagbeni is a historic Hindu place with a rich culture and tradition, but there are a certain few with a destructive mentality blatantly attacking the cultural sentiments of the Hindu way of life, said the statement.  The press release also requested the government to take strong action against the people who were involved in trying to stop the religious-cultural tradition taking place.