417 Megawatt Nalgadh Hydropower Project: Government acquiring thousands of acres of land

KATHMANDU, Sept 17: The government of Nepal (GoN) is in the process of acquiring over several thousand acres for its hydro-power project. The district administration office of Jajarkot had taken out a press release and was in the process of negotiating to 3861 landowners, sending out information and initiating communication with them. It will have a direct impact on over 4000 families that are living in the area where the Nalgadh Hydro Power plant will be set up.

The families that will have to give up their land in order for this project to commence will be receiving a compensation package as listed in the constitution.

According to the press release by the local administration of Jajarkot, names of landowners, and the details regarding the possession of land were openly listed. It will be a transparent process and the local administration is working toward starting the project soon.

The entire process will go in accordance with the law, and article 7(2) of their local body law states that the government can acquire land for a business, development project or setting up a factory for gainful employment, while at the same time providing necessary compensation for the same.

(Picture Source: Nalgadh Hydropower Project)

Nalgadh Hydropower Project Reservoir will acquire land that is less than 1590 meters which will submerge once the project is underway. From the river Bheri and its tributary Nalsayagu, water collected in the reservoir will be utilized to generate hydropower.

According to the project plan, the reservoir will be 571 km, while the dam will be 200 meters in height. There will be a 112 km transmission line, and the target is generating 417 megawatts. The electricity generated will be then added to the national grid.

The project was prepared in 2012 and had received over 731 million US dollars, but after 7 years the amount is likely going to double since the project has been extended.