Science education backbone of human consciousness: PM Oli


KATHMANDU, Sept 18: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that no talent of the country should be neglected due to political, economic or other discriminations that exist in the society. The Prime Minister marking the National Science Day sent out a message to the people of Nepal.

Also in the message, the Prime Minister said that he was hopeful for a prosperous and peaceful Nepal and that national aspirations will be fulfilled by the government giving priority to a scientific approach toward building the society and encouraging scientific thinking, which will be a push toward the motto Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalese.

The PM said that this year’s Science Day is being celebrated with the importance given to innovation through technology for socio-economic transformation which is important for the country at this stage.

The PM also mentioned that science has had a prevalence since age-old history with a tradition that is centuries old. It is essential to use technology in order to build a prosperous nation along with a sound knowledge of the global economy.

The Prime Minister also said that the government had prioritized the inevitable role of science and technology in achieving its goals. PM Oli’s government is also determined to make technology and innovative thinking the foundation of this country’s social transformation, while also ensuring that there is a sustainable and continuous investment in science and technology.

The Prime Minister also said that science education is the backbone of human consciousness, and based on innovation it should be linked toward entrepreneurship by developing human skills through vocational education. This will not only be a boost for the economy, but it will also provide motivation to achieve economic prosperity with the development of science and technology in the country.