Trilateral Corruption: Nepal in grave danger former DPM Kamal Thapa

KATHMANDU, Sept 18: The nation has not felt the substantial change even after 2 years of a 2/3rd majority government, said former Deputy Prime Minister, and Chairman of the National People’s Party (Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, RPP). He was speaking at a special interaction program organized at the Reporters Club. The President of the Club and journalist Rishi Dhamala presided over the special interaction program where the former DPM elaborated on the current state of affairs on issues raised by the President of the Club regarding the constitution, secularism, and the challenges that Nepal is currently going through.

Speaking at the interaction program DPM Thapa said that although it has been 5 years since the constitution promulgation it has not met with much success, and the current government has not met the aspirations of the people. He was strong on his Party’s stance regarding reinstating Monarchy, and also bringing back Nepal to a Hindu state.

According to the DPM, Nepal has a rich culture and tradition guided by the eternal Hindu way of life, and we do not need to seek any external opinion or work towards any foreign agenda. Through our own cultural heritage, we can bring about a system that accommodates Monarchy as well as Netra Bikram Chand “Biplav”. The latter is currently underground and his party has been banned by the current administration for resorting to violence.

DPM Thapa stated that we can debate contentious issues and through dialogue and negotiation we can make an inclusive system in line with our traditional cultural practice and way of life.

The former DPM went on to talk about the current nature of the government which was high handed, and overtly corrupt involved in various scams which were causing enormous losses to the national coffers. The DPM said, “in the name of religious freedom you have conversions, national security is an impending challenge, and the government is involved in massive corruption”.

(Former Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National People’s Party Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, RPP)

Former DPM Thapa said that the constitution was brought by the mandate of the people and although they had reservations as it was against their agenda, they nevertheless accepted the people’s popular mandate while at the same time providing constructive criticism to the entire process.

RPP is always for the cause of Nepal as a Hindu nation, and we hope to reinstate a ceremonial Monarch, this can be achieved through the democratic practice of discussion, and making the people aware of what is necessary rather than violence and insurgency. RPP is hopeful that the people will realize that after 13 years of a system without Monarchy, their lives have not changed in a substantial manner.

Speaking about former King Gyanendra and his activities former DPM Thapa said after leaving the palace and living a life of a commoner he can enjoy all the rights given to him by the constitution and the Republic. He has the right to travel across the country, offer prayers in temples, and meet who he likes.” The former King has not done anything to create a hurdle for the Republic, so I do not see any reason why he should be accused constantly by the current government.

If the current government has substantial evidence that there is a visible threat to the Republic then please let the people of the country know, and put it out in the open, there is nothing to be secretive about. In fact, there is nothing that the government can find but accuse him constantly to hide their own shortcomings and weakness in every aspect of administration and running the country.

Former DPM Thapa quoted a familiar line “those who don’t know how to dance blame the unstable ground, the truth is this government has not been able to control corruption, it has failed in controlling lawlessness, and it is primarily working on a foreign agenda. The people are smart, they have access to cell phones and dissemination of information has rapidly evolved and people cannot be fooled anymore with words”.

It is an organized corruption that everyone is involved in said former DPM Thapa. “Look at the number of scams that have plagued the country, Airplane procurement, NCELL, Lalita Niwas, and numerous other scams, that have cost our government coffers billions of rupees. The NCELL scam is the largest in Nepal’s entire history worth over 40 billion rupees. The businessmen, politicians, and administration have built a trilateral nexus and are involved in massive loot. Few individuals who dream of becoming overnight billionaires had them realized. People need to know what is happening”.

Former DPM Thapa furthered his proposition by maintaining his stance against all forms of corruption, and that the people of the country had hopes in the justice system which let them down. “Everyone had hopes on current Justice Cholendra Sumsher Rana, but after the verdict that went in favor of NCELL, the only little ray of hope left is in the Parliament and the initiative that it will take.

Let us just hope that the Parliament does not let us down, and saves the country of over 40 billion rupees while the corrupt are incarcerated. “My Party will struggle and create an awareness campaign which will come into action post the Dashain festival, we will shake the streets and the Parliament,” he said.

The former DPM expressed that his party was against all forms of corruption and that he would want people to join him in his fight to save the country which is in grave danger, as the trilateral nexus continue with their corrupt activities unabated.

He said that corruption is a major challenge that the people have to face together when the entire system including businessmen, politicians, and the administration are involved creating a situation of unease and uncertainty for the country.