World Hindu Youth Federation International Committee remonstrate security lapse

Reporters Club: World Hindu Youth Federation International Committee (WHYOC) has expressed grave dissatisfaction over the security lapse in one of Hinduism’s holiest sites, the Pashupatinath Temple. Organizing a special press conference at the Reporters Club yesterday and according to the press release, an explosive device was found on the premises of the Pashupatinath Temple.

The press release which was jointly signed by the Secretary-General of the WHYOC Roshan Jung Basnet, and its Coordinator Dinesh Kumar Sijapati, stated that this is a preplanned event to scare the worshippers and is done with a mala fide intention to disturb the peace. It cautioned that there is a plan to destabilize the religious harmony that this country has shared over all these years, but there are elements in the society who are bent on creating a religious riot.

It also stated that planting an explosive device in the premises of the holiest of Hindu sites could only have been done by people with an extremely poor mentality and wretched character. The press release also stated that it is not a coincidence that the bomb was found in the same day at the premises and there was hearsay about a bomb being planted in the Ram Janaki Temple in Janakpur.

The press release also questioned the authorities over this serious lapse. Where are the people employed for securing the area under the Pashupatinath Area Development Trust (PADT), and the other security provided by Nepal Police, the Armed Police Force? The press release also accuses those in charge of the PADT of lack of sincerity on their part providing access for prayers to only those who have money and or power. It also stated that the Priests conducting prayers were manhandled, and various signs of security lapses were visible, along with this recent incident.

In the press release, it also asks for the resignation of the current member Secretary of PADT Dr. Pradip Dhakal as he was overtly incapable, and investigation into corrupt employees of PADT.

The committee has further requested the government for an impartial thorough investigation to be made public bringing the accused to book or else it will continue it’s struggle and protest activities in the coming days.