Communist duo joint training program to further relations

KATHMANDU, Sept 23: The ruling Nepal Communist Party and the Communist Party of China share an unbroken bond of ideology. It is because of a similar thought that the two are able to collaborate and be in affable terms with one another.

For the past year or so the relationship between the two parties has significantly increased. While many leaders from Nepal representing the ruling party have visited China, the same has been witnessed in Nepal from their Chinese counterpart. It has also organized mutual programs for both its cadres.

The Nepal Communist Party and the Communist Party of China will be organizing a joint training program beginning today in Kathmandu.

Mr. Song Tao senior Diplomat and head of the International Liason Department of the Communist Party of China has arrived in the capital to preside over the training program.

200 cadres of the Nepal Communist Party will be participating in this joint training program along with 40 caders of the Communist Party of China. Many cadres of the Nepal Communist Party had vied for inclusion which was a tough call. There were internal disputes within the NCP regarding the selection of cadres for the training program. Many leaders from the NCP have close ties with their counterparts of the Communist Party of China.

China is seen to be rapidly expanding its influence in Nepal, and this joint training program will further strengthen the scope of relations between the two political parties. With a 2/3rd majority, the Nepal Communist party is the single largest party with a stronghold over administration while at the same time China has a one-party system, and they have direct control over the entire administrative affairs.

China is rapidly rising toward being one of the richest economies of the world and its relationship with Nepal will be advantageous and will influence several outcomes. With this in mind, the current ruling Nepal Communist Party leaders are intermingling taking advantage of the shared ideals between the two parties through these programs.

(Photo Source: CPN Website)