Playback Ringtone Scheme by NCELL

Kathmandu, September 23:  NCELL has released a new scheme that will enable its customers to record their own playback ring tones (PRBT).

This scheme will also allow its customers to share and or promote the ring tones and win attractive cash prizes that will be distributed every week.

NCELL Private Limited for its prepaid customers has introduced an updated version of its popular PRBT “Afnai Dhun” service, allowing customers to record their own tones, and also share these tones on social media platforms enabling them to earn bonus balance as well as prizes on activation.

The campaign is effective starting today, and the ringtone that gets the highest activation during the week wins Nrs 30,000 while the second-highest will bag NRs 20,000.

Every week on Monday, the top two winners of the previous week will be announced.

On the first activation of the tone, the owner earns NRs 3 as bonus balance and after that, the owner will get Nrs30 on every 10 activations of the tone. This bonus balance will be valid for 30 days and can be used for the on-net call, SMS, and browsing data.

To participate in this scheme, customers are first required to dial 17117 to activate PRBT Aafnai Dhun service and record no more than 29 seconds ring tone for participation.

This scheme will cost only NRs 12.77 per month including taxes and fees.

PRBT owners will get their tone identity (ID) code and a link in an SMS once they accept to keep their recording as their own tone. The link can be copied and shared in social networking platforms and request others for activation in order to win the grand prize.

NCELL said that the company is delighted to bring this value-added campaign for customers to provide them an opportunity to showcase their talent, and musical skills. This campaign will continue for 12 weeks.