Expensive Onion: Price hits 130 per kg

Kathmandu, Sept 23: The price of onion has reached Nrs 130 per kilogram. The price had significantly increased in the market since last Saturday.

The government who is trying to keep a check on inflation has not been able to manage the rise of onions. Prior to this Onion was 35 per kg to 40 per kg.

The consumers who rely on this important piece of vegetable for all their meals are in a big fix trying to sort their monthly budget. The Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable market development board have released a notice regarding the recent overhaul at the price of onion.

The recent rise in price is due to low production in Nepal and the government’s stringent measure of importing from neighboring countries. The businessmen involved in importing Onions state that they have to deposit a huge amount of money totaling anywhere from 5 to 10 million Nepalese rupees, this is one of the reasons of the substantial increase in prices.