Government serious toward resolving Foreign Employment issues


KATHMANDU, Sept 24: The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and the Minister for Defense Ishwor Pokharel said that the government was serious toward the plight of migrant workers and the problems faced by Nepalese going abroad to work.

Speaking at the 27th annual general meeting of the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies the DPM stated that “have a clear framework, bring out your concerns and we will make sure we will address them”.

Certain government policies have not gone down well with various businesses involved in sending migrant workers abroad, but through discussion, each matter could be resolved.

The DPM was confident that each issue if handled through negotiations would be readily resolved, and the government would provide all necessary help in this matter.

Making policy decisions which will take into account all stakeholders and coordination within was necessary said DPM Pokharel. He also discussed the great impact it has on Nepal’s economy, society and the lives of people in general.

The DPM was also hopeful for resolving all outstanding issues that were pertinent to the business community, and he laid stress that he was working for the improvement of the overall scenario.

Speaking at the same program Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista stated that the government is willing to accept suggestions made by entrepreneurs, and he also signified the justification behind the policies of the government regarding the problems faced by the people in this sector. Assuring that the government would listen to the problems faced by the common people Minister Bista said, “Millions of youth are in search of work today, we will ensure that the youths have access to safe and gainful employment”.