Agro and Vet Technicians announce protest programs over GoN’S current circular

Reporters Club: The central committee for the protection of the rights of Nepal Agriculture and Veterinary technology has announced a protest program against the appointment of agricultural and veterinary technicians by the government.

The committee has demanded the continuation of the one village, one technical program which was introduced back in 2015. Organizing a press conference at the Reporters Club on Sunday, the committee stated that they will organize a strike from the 23rd to the 27th of September, and they also have various sit-in programs planned for the various days.

Speaking in the program at the Reporters Club its general Secretary Man Bahadur Rawal stated that they have to continue with the one village one technical program. He said that the current decision to amend this program was not right for the people and the decision was wholly flawed.

Since 2015, remote villages have been getting public service through appointment under the technical program after completing all required formalities listed by the Public Service Commission.  It was passed by the Council of Ministers back then and 1500 agro technicians and 3000 in veterinary were placed at different remote locations for service in Nepal.

According to the latest ruling taken out by the Government it has planned to scrap the 3000 people serving in veterinary and changed the procedures that will allow only 740 people to serve at the local level.

It has further not specified that where the 740 people will be placed either in agriculture or in veterinary causing added confusion. This decision was taken by the Ministry of Finance according to their latest circular which has not gone down well with the committee putting thousands at risk of losing their jobs.

Moreover, there is further dissatisfaction over the allocation of the budget for the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. It has appropriated only 300 million Nepalese rupees (NRs) whereas the required budget is over 1 billion Nrs.

The people who are in dire conditions at the mouth of the nation’s biggest festivals have thronged in the Capital to protest over losing their jobs and also not receiving remuneration for their work they have rendered thus far.

The removal of local-level staff will be affecting the country’s agricultural sector and only very few will remain in employment which will be a big burden.

Along with secretary Rawal, speaking at the program against the government’s decision were Janak Bahadur the President of the Nepal Animal Health Services Technical Association, Devraj Gauli, President of Nepal Agricultural Technology Association, and Dambar Bahadur Bam acting Chairman of Nepal Para-Veterinary and Livestock Association. The team has requested to scrap its decision that will gravely affect their industry.

In the press conference, they stated that the decision of the Ministry of Finance will affect not only the employees but all the farmers. They have also opined that contractual employees should continue with the service facilities until the permanent staff arrives.

The team has requested the Finance Ministry to scrap its current decision regarding one village one technician program. They will continue protesting and have requested the Prime Minister and other Ministers to listen to their concerns through a letter that is submitted to them.