Limit political orientation and practice Diplomacy: Former Minister Arjun Narsingha KC

Reporters Club: The second round of the awareness and resurgence campaign of the Nepali Congress has been fairly successful in fulfilling its objectives of making the citizens informed said Former Minister and Senior leader of the Nepali Congress Arjun Narasingha KC. Speaking at a special interaction program organized by the Reporters Club along with its President Rishi Dhamala, KC stated that Nepali Congress will rise again, and this time we are restructuring right from the grassroots. We have had a history of providing leadership bringing prominent political changes in the country. Our vision has always guided Nepal in the most crucial of times he said.

Talking about whether the country was influenced by President Xi Jinping and his political thought, former Minister KC said, “China is an important neighbor, and as most countries have bilateral relations, it is normal for a country to have ties with its neighbor. But what is definitely unclear is whether the current Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is moving towards the line of centralizing total power as seen by their various activities in recent times, and their continued practice of attacking the democratic fabric of the country.

The current NCP government is imperious due to its majority and has been making decisions against the aspirations of the people of Nepal who provided the mandate. It has not been able to control corruption while they have been involved with numerous scams and law and order problems. Take for example the wide-body airplane procurement or the NCELL scandal where the corruption is in billions. While the government has been quiet on the bigger scams we hear a person committing suicide for taking a bribe of 2000 rupees, which is extremely unfortunate.

The law should not favor only those in power and be utilized against the feeble, there should be uniformity bringing everyone to book for committing crimes of any nature. This government has failed miserably in this aspect. There are countless law and order problems, unsolved crime cases related to violence against women, and creating a chaotic society of indiscipline, this government has not been able to address these major issues”.

Speaking further about the current closed-door program and the 6 point agreement between the two Communist parties of Nepal and China, former Minister KC said, “it is opportune for any country to have bilateral ties, and increase ties through a diplomatic channel”.

(Former Minister and Senior Leader of Nepali Congress Arjun Narasingha KC) 

“However to consider and practice a particular person’s intellection belonging to a different background of political structure, and a varied system altogether is dubitable which has to be taken with seriousness, there is a need to limit particular political orientation and practice diplomacy”. Nepal is a democratic country, with an independent judiciary and legislature, we have a democratic norm, and we cannot allow any scenario that poses a threat to our structure of government, its organs, and the constitution. Is the NCP trying to bring in a one-party rule in Nepal? That is the ultimate question here which we will have to wait and watch”.

President Xi Jinping is always welcome in Nepal, and we have a lot of respect for him as our Northern neighbor, there is no doubt that with China’s help Nepal can move forward developing technology, the Belt and Road initiative similarly taking us toward infrastructural development. We have to work toward these lines which are for the benefit of the nation, not for any particular ideology.

If we look into the recent incidents of the current NCP government, they have killed our party workers in Rolpa and Sarlahi, similarly they attacked our workers in Bardiya and Banke, this sort of behavior is unacceptable from the ruling party, they have to learn to be in competition in a democratic process, not try and centralize and usurp power.

The six-point agreement signed between the two parties with the presence of the Prime Minister was unsuitable for the image of the country that should not have taken place, as a Nation’s Prime Minister you have to think holistically for the entire country and avoid being involved in partisan politics. Finally, former Minister KC also extended his best wishes on the occasion of the Dashain, Tihar and Chatt festivals.