IGP of Nepal under ISI radar: Severe manipulation of security

Reporters Club: Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sarbendra Khanal had recently met the National Security Advisor of India Ajit Doval at a security conference held in Thailand. In the meeting, IGP Khanal was in solidarity and reaffirmed his commitment against all forms of terrorism. The confluence between two close neighbors has not gone down well with the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan. The Pakistani intelligence has been lobbying to remove IGP Khanal from his position through all possible ways, and he has come under scathing attack.

According to exclusive information received by Reporters Nepal, the Pakistani intelligence agency has been trying to maliciously defame the IGP through varied tactics. The IGP had been working to strengthen the security situation and had built a similar strategy of implementation. With the rapport that was shared between Advisor Doval and IGP Khanal, a method was formulated and underway to strengthen the security situation of both Nations.

The ISI then proceeded to conspire against IGP Khanal and remove him from his position through various failed tactics, misinformation, and conspiracy.

The past year there was an extremely huge conspiracy. While Nepal was busy diverted toward the Nirmala Panta murder case, contrive to kill a senior journalist was being plotted. In this conspiracy people within the police force were involved where there are audio and video evidence which has been accessed by Reporters Nepal but due to its sensitivity has not been publicly released yet.

IGP Khanal who is extremely popular within the organization and with the Nepalese public had time and again foiled terrorist intentions of utilizing Nepali soil to attack its southern neighbor making him a viable target for the ISI. IGP Khanal has made sure that the open borders are safe and that no such activity against the southern neighbor would materialize under his leadership. In recent times there has been no activity of terrorism-related incidents from Nepal, and while the confluence with Doval has been vexing for those involved in planning terrorist activities.

Conspiracies are rife, and to remove IGP Khanal from his position a lot of ways are being devised, mainly through maligning his image. The evidence has reached the concerned authorities of the government, some are even discussing the blatant abuse of power within the ISI, while they are resolute in removing IGP Khanal from his post. This also has led to another discussion of the manipulation of security agencies.