Frustrated with dictatorship and authoritarianism members of Bishnu VDC approach media

Reporters Club: Chairman and several senior members of the Village Development Committee of Bishnu, Sarlahi has come to the Capital in order to have their grievance addressed.

The team is frustrated and overwhelmed by the working style of its President Jawaharlal Yadav, and the latter has left no stone unturned to make the situation drastically miserable. With all hopes lost for the cause, the team held a special press conference at the Reporters Club today demanding that thorough investigation be held against the many acts of administrative corruption and financial irregularities including defalcating central government authorized funds.

Speaking at the program Ram Pravesh Sah stated that “the President does not listen. He has taken absolute autocratic control and is arbitrarily discharging his duties. Just before elections he didn’t possess a cycle, and now he has bought himself a luxury car, he also threatens anyone with dire consequences if they do not comply with his directions. The entire village is suffering due to his callous nature and his attitude of indifference”.

Similarly, several other VDC Chairmen’s have expressed their dissatisfaction of the working style and method of the President, also present on the occasion were Shyam Babu Raya, Govinda Mahoto, Ram Singhasan Raya and Arvind Kumar Singh representing their various wards.

The team has expressed grave disappointment and dissatisfaction over being ignored in administrative affairs, and that no committee meeting was held over the past year. The funds allocated for the purpose of development and for the victims of the recent massive floods were spent in procuring luxury cars, solar panels, and other unnecessary expenses.

The President is also being accused of misusing funds according to his own whims and fancies while making random decisions regarding transfer and appointment of government staff. The team has demanded a thorough investigation and an inquiry into the spending of funds allocated for the area and the charges of corruption that the President is involved in. They have also vowed to protest, and meet senior government officials including the Minister of Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Babu Pandit.

The working method of the current President is said to push the area into a state of chaotic under development in the field of health, education, and infrastructure. They have also requested all concerned authorities of Province 2 to look into the matter of massive irregularities and administrative failure.