NC unity necessary to counter dictatorial NCP: Former Minister Dr. Rijal

KATHMANDU, Oct 1: Former Minister Dr. Minendra Rijal also the Member of Parliament representing the Nepali Congress (NC) the main opposition party stated that “there is an urgency to stop the totalitarianism of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and that in order to achieve this Nepali Congress should have a unified and clear policy”.

(Former Minister and Member of Parliament Dr. Minendra Rijal) 

Speaking at a press union program in the capital, Dr. Rijal expressed his views regarding the current scenario of the country. Speaking about an attack on him, while, in Tanahun district by NCP members he stated that “this government is not concerned about letting other parties be politically active, they feel that only their Communist party should be active”. Former Minister Dr. Rijal also stated that it is not a coincidence and cannot be taken simply that two Chairmen talk about being a lion and a tiger. These statements need to be taken seriously”.

Talking about the recent incidents involving Gyanendra Shahi and media person Rabi Lamicchane, Dr. Rijal stated that the “the government is diluting the rights of the people, the administration today is moving toward the path of dictatorship”. Dr. Rijal also stated that if the Congress cannot move forward with unity, and strengthen party lines, it will be extremely difficult to counter the current government and its totalitarian tactics which are a visible threat to this democracy”.

(Member of Parliament and General Secretary of the Nepali Congress Dr. Shashank Koirala) 

Also speaking at the program Dr. Shashank Koirala General Secretary of NC stated that the recent controversy regarding the Speaker of the house Krishna Bahadur Mahara and his alleged involvement in a sexual harassment case needs to be fairly investigated. It is a “serious allegation and thus there needs to be a detailed investigation in this matter” he said. Earlier the Speaker of the house had tendered his resignation when the incident came to light.

(Image Courtesy Mukunda Kalikote for Reporters Nepal)