EDV 2021 opens, passport number and email compulsory

Electronic Diversity Visa 2021

KATHMANDU, Oct 2: The Electronic Diversity Visa 2021, a green card lottery program of the United States, has opened on Wednesday.

The application for the diversity immigrant visa program for 2021 opened at 9:45 am on October 2 (Ashwin 15) and will close on November 5, 2019 (Kartik 18) at 10:45 pm.

As the per new policy change for the 2021 program, an applicant must include the details of the family members including spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 to make the entry valid. Else, the entries will be disqualified.

Moreover, the applicants will have to submit only one application with a recent photo without wear glasses and hats. If the applicants attach the same photo in the entry submitted in the last year’s DV program, the entries will be disqualified.

The new policy has also made it mandatory for the applicants to submit their passport number, passport expiration deadline, country of issuance,  and email address compulsory while making the entry.

After submitting the form, the applicants should avoid making the confirmation number public. The confirmation number should be saved so that the applicants could check their status when the result is published.

The result will be published after May 7 next year.

The diversity program–administered by the US State Department– grants 50,000 immigrant visas annually to people from the countries having low immigrant rates in the previous five years.

Millions of people apply for the green card lottery program every year.