Health and Education in the hands of mafias: Senior Advocate Tripathi

Reporters Club: Senior Advocate Dr. Dinesh Tripathi has said that the health and education sector of Nepal is in the hands of the mafia. This immensely strong opinion was given at a press interaction program at the Reporters Club. Dr. Tripathi said that “health and education are fundamental rights as given in the constitution of Nepal. The state has not only ensured but provides a valid guarantee. He also said that since our constitution talks about socialism and social justice as given in the preamble the government should be sensitive and take it with extreme tactfulness.

Dr. Tripathi accused profit-making individuals that have taken over the health and education sector of Nepal. He said, “both the health and the education sectors have gone into the hands of large profit-making mafias and that even though a person like Dr. Govinda KC went into a hunger strike for 16 times nothing was done to improve the situation”.

“The government has bowed down to the mafias. They have betrayed the trust of the citizens”. The medical education bill though passed has been a mere paper and nothing has been implemented. The commission that was to be formed has been delayed. In fact, he was involved in filing a write petition at the court regarding the scholarship issue. The intention of the government is haywire so no one is able to do anything”.

Dr. Tripathi also accused the present government of failing to implement the constitution. ” Lack of effectiveness in public health and lack of public education in the country has made this state a total failure he said”.

In a country where the laws are not being implemented and neither functioning, what kind of message will that be to the outside world? Examine and estimate he said. Speaking about the extra fees charged by private medical colleges, Dr. Tripathi said “it is a syndicate and mafia; they are all very well organized. He also said that the mafia have hijacked the education sector of the country, the government has to intervene and take over.

The medical education of the country has to be for nonprofit and affordable for all”. He also accused the system where political parties take election funds from syndicates such as these and it is unfortunate but the government then is a puppet in their hands disallowing them to do much in the area of actual development. It is daylight robbery, institutions charging high fees should be penalized for cheating” he said.