Address legitimate demands made by Medical students: Dr. Raman

Reporters Club: The General Secretary of the Democratic Movement Front for Nepal Dr. Chandan Raman stated “the fees that were levied by the government should be applied with honesty by all the Universities. Likewise, the scholarship of 75% as per quota should be implemented accordingly, and these were the core demands”.

The medical colleges and universities have to stop looting the people through the method of the late fee fine. Dr. Raman said that MBBS, Nursing, BDS, MD, and MS entrance examination should be independent. Dr. Raman also requested an investigation upon the selection of 250 candidates of Kathmandu University in the MBBS and BDS through the entrance exam.

Speaking at a special interaction program organized at the Reporters Club by the Democratic Movement Front for Nepal Dr. Raman added, “The question paper was leaked and there should be an impartial investigation into the matter and action needs to be taken against the culprits he said”.

Dr. Raman similarly objected to the fact that Gandaki and Chitwan Medical College did not refund the additional fees in the given timeframe. He also spoke against the police atrocities toward the students who were peacefully protesting against the many policies that were against them, and that the action of the police on the students was condemnable. He was also concerned about the lack of attention given by the university and state.

“The government should address the demands which are legitimate by the students, and they should regard the legitimate demands placed by the students as part of a democratic exercise and respecting its values and the rule of law”. Instead of listening to the legitimate demands the government has given mental torture to the students, failing them in exams, and suppressing the movement in the name of negotiation and round table talks” he opined.