Setback in the political career of former Prime Minister Dahal

KATHMANDU, OCT 4: Former Prime Minister and Chairman of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (NCP) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has received a major setback. Former speaker of the House of Representatives of the Nepalese parliament Krishna Bahadur Mahara who tendered his resignation after a rape allegation by a female employee was Dahal’s closest aide.

Mahara had always provided support to Dahal during his long political career starting from the insurgency days. Mahara who already had experience with the Parliament was given a lot of responsibilities during the insurgency, and his expertise was well utilized. Even during the peace process, it was Mahara who had played a crucial role under the direction of Dahal.

Mahara was Dahal’s most trustworthy political partner. Since Mahara’s political career now is close to being winded up, Dahal faces an enormous challenge to replace him with someone credible. It will be a huge responsibility to be able to put someone else in Mahara’s place.

It has not been easy for former Prime Minister Dahal, he lost his son and daughter and personally has gone through tumultuous times of grief, along with various tests of time. The recent incident regarding his closest aide has come as a shock for him which will be disturbing his peace.

He was instrumental behind Mahara getting the coveted position as the Speaker of the House, but now since the allegation of rape and resignation, the NCP will have to make firm decisions, and this time Dahal may not be the one making the call. This has been a definite setback in his political career.