Roshani Shahi might to go jail

KATHMANDU, Oct 4: Roshani Shahi has completely changed her statements, not only that she has also refused to file an FIR. Neither has she cooperated with the police in order to further probe into the investigation of her rape allegation toward the former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Nepalese Parliament Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

The latter would have been arrested and taken into custody if the due process of law was followed. Roshani had spoken to the media about her alleged rape and assault by Mahara at her Tinkune based apartment. The court, however, does not take into evidence statements made to the media.

Admissible concrete pieces of evidence made available through forensics, CCTV footage, call records, and other physical evidences are taken into account. Roshani’s inability to file an FIR, change her statement, and fail to cooperate with the Police has taken then case into uncertainty and oblivion.

She has changed her statement overnight, while some consider it to be under duress nothing has been ascertained yet. The only information provided with a different angle is that she is a mental patient suffering from acute depression, and is under medications for the same.

However, it is uncertain why she is working as a government employee having such mental conditions. A doctor’s certificate is required in this case which has not been made available yet. She has been constantly supporting Mahara through her social media account on Facebook. She has gone to the extent of abusing the journalist who first broke the news of her alleged rape.

It was Shahi who approached the media and also dialed the hotline number calling the police to her residence. If this is a case of mere allegation and she really does not have any complaints about the case here on, then Roshani is guilty. She can be penalized for character assassination according to law. Nepalese law does not allow defamation and false allegations toward any individual if no crime has been committed, the person making false allegations will have face severe punishment according to the law.

It is unclear why she changed her statements overnight, and this matter has taken an extremely serious turn. This has gone to the higher echelons of the political spectrum who could well influence such cases, we have to determine the truth and have a fair investigation, but it is likely that one of them will be incarcerated.