Hopeful of making Nepal a Hindu nation along with reinstating Monarchy: Former King Gyanendra

KATHMANDU, Oct 06: On the occasion of Bijaya Dashami former King of Nepal Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev gave his best wishes and his message to the people of Nepal. In his message he has said that Nepal will return to being a Hindu nation along with the institution of Monarchy. He requested Goddess Navadurga Bhawani to guide him to the eternal path with inspiration along with wishing the best for Nepal and her people.

He expressed concern and dissatisfaction over how the country was headed toward disremembering our historic cultural significance, sacrifice, and the traditional values set in order to impart a moral life. “We are Nepali and we belong to Nepal, we have our values and dignity, and we have to understand it,” said the former King.

The former King also believes that our nationalism is at stake, and the behavior of the political parties is putting our nationalism at risk, increasing prejudice and selfishness among the people. He believes in moving toward the eternal practice of the Hindu system to end this greed and progress with truth and resilience.

” Blurring nationalism, disappearing peace, and the chances of increasing rebellion will not be enhancing toward this point of time for anyone, increasing trends of dispute, oppression, are a matter of grave concern, increasing indicators of prohibition by the administration has an increasing tendency” for which the former King expressed his dissatisfaction. (File Photo)