Ailing health, CCTV observation, regular inmate: Former Speaker’s first night in Jail

KATHMANDU, OCT 7: Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Krishna Bahadur Mahara was arrested from his official residence last evening by Nepal Police under the directions given by the Kathmandu District Court under Justice Brajesh Pyakurel.

Mahara was taken to the Metropolitan Police station in Singha Durbar, and investigations are ongoing. According to journalist Rishi Dhamala, Mahara was taken in his vehicle as per his request.

His first night in jail was under CCTV observation and he was kept as a regular inmate with no special considerations. The former Speaker of the House was not allowed food from outside keeping in mind the security measures taken by the Nepal Police. He was given normal food served to the other inmates.

(Former Speaker of the House Krishna Bahadur Mahara) 

The former Speaker has been allowed to meet only his immediate family members and his close office aides. According to sources he is not allowed to meet an outsider due to the sensitivity of the case.

Mahara a patient suffering from high blood sugar showed signs of ailing health, and low oxygen. He was given medical attention but refused to go to the Hospital.

Mahara was arrested after he was accused of rape by a female employee Roshani Shahi working at the Parliament Secretariat. The incident came to light after Roshani dialed the 100 hotline number informing the police regarding the incident.

Investigations will be underway, and while most of it is on the verge of completion, further probing will continue and due process of law will be followed.

(Photo: Mukunda Kalikote for Reporters Club Nepal)