Enhance long term agreements, make President Xi’s visit a grand success: Dr. Sharma

Reporters Club: Associate Professor of Leshan Normal University Dr. Buddhi Prasad Sharma stated that “Nepal should concentrate more on long term viable projects than looking at immediate smaller programs, and make agreements that go for a longer-term.

Speaking at a press interaction program at the Reporters Club yesterday Dr. Sharma said that Nepal should concentrate on agreements that would work towards the benefit of the coming generation of Nepalese people. He also said that ” the visit of the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is absolutely important, and he is a towering figure not only in China where they look up to him with reverence but also a global leader. The Belt and Road Initiative that began under his leadership is a ray of hope for development in the Asian region.

“The entire world is now focused on Nepal due to the visit of President Xi, there are many unanswered questions posed in front of world leaders, what is there in Nepal, why are the people of Nepal welcoming him with grandiosity? There are different points of analysis to these questions but the most important aspect is to make the visit successful. We have to utilize this opportunity wisely” he said.

Dr. Sharma also spoke about rising China, and how the country is an economic superpower with the most foreign currency reserves. We have to learn to take advantage of this fact, and welcome President Xi in order to have a partnership that would take us to the path of development.

There are many attributes of development, and Nepal needs to prioritize accordingly in order to effectively be on the advantageous side. “We need to concentrate on the development of railways and infrastructure, look at China, such a vast land but there is no city where you cannot reach within hours traveling in a bullet train. Let us take maximum investments in our various sectors of development and make this moment of historically important. We have to work towards enhancing long term agreements and making this visit a grand success he said.