Multidimensional ties a necessity: Former Minister Mahendra Bahadur Pandey

Reporters Club: Former Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey was hopeful that the visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China will be a grand success that will take Nepal into a new era of progressive development. Speaking at a special interaction program at the Reporters Club today the former Minister stated “after 23 years this high-level visit has been possible due to the changing circumstances and the need of the hour. Such a visit did not take place earlier due to various reasons the main being instability in Nepalese politics. The later years were spent concentrating on promulgating the constitution.

The former Minister also said “not to confuse Nepal Communist Party as the government of Nepal, we are a political party in leadership, but this is still Nepal’s government. We adhere to the constitution and while at a partisan level our thoughts, ideas, and political preferences may be different, we are more stable, and working towards the national theme of “Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali”.

He was hopeful that the visit of President Xi would enable the further strengthening of bilateral ties taking it to greater heights matching that of the 21st century. Our changing times have required us to be advanced in the field of science and technology. We can only achieve this with the sincere help of our northern neighbor. We cannot continue only talking about improving ties, but this has to be shown in behavior and practice.

There is a necessity of multiple and multidimensional ties not only from people to people, but in economic implementation, media, political ties, and respecting each other’s sovereignty and dignity. At the same time, we should maintain our policy of Nation first and its people and work towards fulfilling interests beneficial for the Nation. We need to explore avenues for, mutual economic growth in several areas of infrastructural development. China has rapidly developed and is scientifically advanced an emerging global leader. We need to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in its large market through facilitating trade.

He also spoke about the need to look at issues with different perspectives stating the example of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS). It is not in our interest to accept any proposal that will damage the prospects of our sovereignty and territorial integrity. We propagate peace as we are the land of the Buddha.

The former Minister also spoke on the importance of putting Nepal into the path of economic self-empowerment. Talking about the railway project he said that we need a detailed feasibility study along with calculating costs, and analyzing the source of funds and contribution toward the project, it is only then a Detailed Project Report (DPR)  can be prepared.

We are in an advantageous position as we are land-linked between India and China two emerging economically powerful nations at the global stage. We need to prioritize where we need investments that will generate revenue for our people. Our agreement should be mutually beneficial respecting both the aspirations of the nation and its people” he said.