Extensive support for Kumar Panta for NRNA President

KATHMANDU, Oct 12: The 9th convention of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) is commencing on the 15th this month. The organization’s leadership will see a change where current Vice-President Kumar Panta and Kul Acharya are vying for the coveted post of leading the association.

The previous leadership including Upendra Mahoto, Jiwa  Lamichhane, Shesh Ghale, and Bhawan Bhatta have openly expressed their support for the current Vice-President Kumar Panta and want him to lead the association. According to the sources the previous leaders are also attending and supporting the candidates in a broader consensus among the previous leadership.

It is said that the broader consensus, that has been formed, is to bring Panta to lead the association and everyone is in agreement with this. They have expressed their choice openly, and people are even coming to conclusions as to whether the other candidate Kul Acharya will withdraw his candidacy for the post of President.

Panta has a long history of service for the organization, also as Vice-President under Shesh Ghale, and Upendra Mahoto. He had announced his candidacy in the 8th general convention too but withdrew in favor of incumbent Bhatta under the advice of Mahoto and Lamichhane.

According to the sources Bhatta is now promoting Panta for the top post. Panta has said that the NRNA will go in the line of Vision -2020 that was set up under the presidency of Shesh Ghale. The main agenda of the NRNA will be Vision-2020 and everyone is on the same page regarding this with no differences or disputes said Panta.

People have arrived in the capital city of Kathmandu and are now gearing up for the 9th general convention with most of the preparation completed, it will carry on from 15th to 17th. There are over 8 million Nepalese worldwide who are part of this association.