Blemish for feminism: Mystifying Roshani Shahi

KATHMANDU, Oct 14: Employee at the Parliament Secretariat Roshani Shahi had accused former Speaker of the House of Representatives Krishna Bahadur Mahara of rape and physical abuse on 30th September made public via her interview to the media regarding and her call to the local police.

Since the allegation she has changed her statements repeatedly, the first one being the very next day stating that Mahara was “innocent and a father figure to her”. On October 4th Roshani had formally registered an FIR with the Nepal Police regarding the incident, and the same evening the former Speaker of the House was arrested from his official residence in Baluwatar. When Mahara’s health deteriorated and he was shifted to the hospital, Roshani changed her statement yet again.

On October 11th speaking to journalists in an interaction program Roshani has said that she was pressurized by the Nepal Police to file an FIR against Mahara and has a written statement. She wrote ” The Nepal Police Baneshwor circle took me for interrogation for about 9 hours, and they made me a captive, mentally pressurizing me to file an FIR against Krishna Bahadur Mahara for an attempt to rape” Roshani has stated that the Police are taking advantage of her loneliness and that Mahara was guilty.

The latter was forced to resign from his position when the matter came to light. He is currently in the custody of the Nepal Police. This case is blurring every passing day making it extremely difficult for any further investigation due to constantly changing statements, and the hostile behavior of the victim.

If random statements are made, not considering duress, which may also be the case, it is a blemish for feminism, and Roshani deserves certain jail for character assassination of both Mahara and now the Nepal Police, who she initially called for help dialing the 100 number.

A thorough investigation is required and while the court decides the investigation is taking an unmanageable turn. What started has rape, has been changed to attempt to rape, and now the victim says that Mahara is not guilty.