Dr. KC’s ultimatum to GoN will resume protest soon

KATHMANDU, OCT 14: Dr. Govinda KC has warned the Government of Nepal (GoN) to implement the Medical Education Act and other provisions related to access to medical education and health.

At a press conference organized at the Teaching Hospital in the capital, Dr. KC said that he will resort to the practice of Satyagraha, or peaceful protest as he did earlier in order to fulfill the demands of the amendment to the Medical Education Bill, and the terms and conditions related to selecting the teaching body.

Dr. KC said that the University appointment should be made according to the recommendations made by the committee under Parasar Koirala, and it has to be transparent, based on merit and in accordance with the law. There are several demands regarding the changes required in the medical education sector that Dr. KC wants the government to implement. If the government fails to respond then he will protest.

(File Photo Picture Credit Mukunda Kalikote for Reporters Club Nepal)