NRNA association politicized, battle between NC and NCP for post of President

KATHMANDU, Oct 16: The 9th general convention of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) is currently underway in the capital. Fighting for the coveted post for President is the current Vice-President of the organization Kumar Panta and Kul Acharya.

Speaking to senior journalist and President of the Reporters Club Rishi Dhamala, former President of NRNA Shesh Ghale stated that “we hope to make this a historic achievement towards unity, progress and strengthening the association, nothing is impossible if we try, and we need to put an effort and make the association stronger. There has to be unity at least between the working committee the Vice-President and the General Secretary”.

The contest for the post of President is extremely competitive, and it has increasingly been politicized. While Nepali Congress (NC) backs Kul Acharya similarly Kumar Panta is the candidate from Nepal Communist Party (NCP). This was posed as a question and stated by journalist Rishi Dhamala, and Ghale replied “we are working for unity, there are people like us too, and our beauty is in our diversification. The dynamics of this is constantly evolving and difficult to comprehend, I am an Australian of Nepali origin, every two years there are new faces along with ideas, and this is complex politics”.

Unity is required and our vision is to make the association stronger providing a vision, sharing ideas for its success”. Ghale also said that “any person who is successful in NRNA politics will be highly successful in Nepali politics”. He, however, didn’t comment on partisan politics, and he politely refused to take sides at the moment. The results for the post of President and other positions within the association will be announced on the final day of the convention. There is a strong competition between the NCP and NC to have their candidates to the top post.