A resolve for the prosperity and development of Nepal: NRNA Prez Panta

Reporters Club Event: The recent appointees who won the elections to the executive committee of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) were felicitated amidst a program held in the Reporters Club. President of the Reporters Club and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala felicitated the new appointees garlanding and gracing them with the traditional Nepali scarf.

Newly elected President of NRNA Kumar Panta, Vice-President Sonal Lama, Mann KC and Arjun Kumar Shrestha, General Secretary Dr. Hemraj Sharma, Secretary R.K. Sharma, Treasurer Lok Dahal, Asia Pacific Deputy Regional Coordinator Khagendra Neupane, America region Women Coordinator Uma Karki was congratulated by Dhamala on the occasion.

Speaking at the program newly elected President Kumar Panta said “Our Nation will move towards the path of prosperity and our association has taken a firm resolve to make this a reality. The NRNA will play an active and even bigger role in the coming days to develop Nepal along with a new vision”.

The President said that “we cannot afford to linger as time is limited and the duration is short where we have to fulfill many promises and obligations of the past. The next two years will be crucial for us and we have to work toward fulfilling our responsibilities for the people and country. We are committed and will be responsible for our duties starting from day one”. President Panta said that the association will work towards creating job opportunities and play an active role.

(Newly elected President of NRNA Kumar Panta)

Panta said “NRNA who have gained experience, knowledge, and expertise along with wealth will be utilized for investments in Nepal. We will invest in the future of Nepal and its socio-economic development. We have already begun the process of investing in the country, through hydropower projects, and with the Government of Nepal (GoN) for 12 billion Nepalese rupees (NRs), we have also invested in various forms of mutual funds, private sector, and the GoN”.

The newly elected President Panta also spoke about the need for proper utilization of remittance that is received by the country into economically generating sectors. He also expressed commitment toward increasing the welfare fund of the workers doubling it in the coming days and that the work has begun.

He said ” the welfare fund currently has 10 million 5 hundred thousand NRs and to resolve the problems faced by the working people he will talk to the Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Mr. Gokarna Bista soon.

The 9th general convention that recently concluded in the capital had glitches regarding the voting machines, and it came under heavy criticism. Speaking on this the President clarified that the “voting machines that were procured for the event were utilized in similar events and came under technical problems. Let us not get into a dispute, this has been resolved”. He was confident that the forthcoming elections of the NRNA will have an online voting method and it will be held outside Nepal.

President Panta also expressed that he will increase the membership of the NRNA, and scrap membership fees which have been a hurdle for people to join the association. “There are 8 million Nepalese worldwide and the want to see Nepal develop, our association will work strenuously for these aspirations of the people. Our future generations will take pride in our work, and Nepal’s prosperity is our vision, and its development is our need for the hour” he said.

Speaking at the program the other appointees too expressed their willingness toward working for the development of the Nation and assured all possible help from the association to make this dream a reality. Their immediate goal is to make Visit Nepal 2020 a grand success.