Samajwadi Party concourse, youth en masse inducted

KATHMANDU, Oct 23: Ruling Samajwadi Party’s Co-Chair Rajendra Prasad Shrestha has said “our ultimate goal is toward socialism, federalism, good governance and equitable prosperity for all-inclusive of identity and human rights”.

Speaking at a program where youth from various parties joined the Samajwadi party at a program organized for their induction the Co-Chair has made it clear that the other parties with a long history have been steeped into corruption.

Identity and rights along with the tenets of federalism, good administration of the state and overall prosperity are required to make Nepal a true socialist state he said.

Similarly present on the occasion was the Samajwadi Party’s Mahalaxmi Nagar committee President Dipa Thapa Magar Dr. Pushpa Raj Rajkarnikar, and Central Committee member Rajan KC, province 3 in charge Lal Bahadur Tamang, Central council of experts member Binod Nepali.

There was over 81 youth along with various party affiliates who chose to join the Samajwadi Party.