Constitutional amendment requisite, unite to save the Republic: Mahendra Raya Yadav

REPORTERS CLUB EVENT: Rashtriya Janata Party Nepal’s central board member and Member of Parliament Mahendra Raya Yadav said that from the onset their demand has been a constitutional amendment and it is the larger responsibility of all the political parties.

“The constitution needs to be amended”, with the promulgation we have a three-tier system and had elections in all the levels. We now have the responsibility of securing law and order, the system in place and the people’s aspirations.

People have started to attack federalism and the Republic, it is a matter of grave concern and RJPN will shoulder its obligation of protecting political achievement.

Speaking at a press interaction program at the Reporters Club Yadav stated that “the Prime Minister had called a meeting of the major parties and had expressed that the Republic is in grave danger.

These developments are a matter of grave concern. All parties should unite and protect the Republic and also accept that the constitution needs amendment, we have to resolve all outstanding political issues and address them. It is opportune for the peace and development of the nation.

If we are in a state of conflict then problems arise in implementing the constitution, for this to be successful for the future we have to make amendments in agreement with all parties. In the current scenario what the government has done is to break all past accords and understanding”.

Yadav also said that the country was in a state of conflict for a long period and it couldn’t afford conflict any longer. The country now wants good governance and peace.

“We have a 2/3rd majority government but this majority has not been able to provide the stability and progress required. Governance has failed, people are suffering, and the administration has been a total failure.

The people are not satisfied with the work of the government, and there are internal problems within the ruling party. They are involved in the power struggle and unable to work for the people. We need to protect the dignity of the country and unite to move forward.

Lawlessness and lack of governance have been felt by the people, this is all due to our method of electing representatives which have proven to be expensive and marred by corruption. We have to move in for a proportional representation system that will reduce costs”.

“The country is running in remittance, we have to make our nation self sufficient bringing concrete programs that will generate income and employment. We have to commercialize agriculture.

The government needs to pay more attention to these areas. The budget set for agriculture is the same as it was before, it is a failure, and more coordination is required between the opposition too”.

Speaking about the encounter of Kumar Poudel which is said to be an extrajudicial killing by the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal, he said that irrespective of who is involved, they have to be tried as per the law and be punished if found guilty.

He also demanded to divulge the Lal Commission report. “If the report of the Lal Commission is divulged then the people would know the truth,” he said.