Being dictatorial to direct assault, President of Bishnu VDC’s shenanigans

SARLAHI: On 29th September Reporters Club organized a press conference of frustrated and demoralized members of the Bishnu Village Development Committee (VDC) due to the activities of their President.

Jawaharlal Yadav who is the President of the Bishnu VDC of Sarlahi district had made the lives of the members and people miserable with his authoritative, dictatorial and corrupt practices. In the press conference, it was revealed that there were financial irregularities as well as defalcation of allocated central government funds.

In continuation with the highhandedness and hooliganism, the President and his men have attacked the district level member Arvind Kumar Singh with an attempt on their lives. Arvind and his team were severely beaten and the former is undergoing treatment at the Kathmandu based Norvic Hospital.

According to a press release signed by Birendra Kumar Raya from the Samajwadi party, in light of the protests by the general public and the other committee members of Bishnu VDC due to various discrepancies and financial irregularities by the President, the offices were padlocked.

President Jawaharlal Yadav and his men resorted to attacking the members posing a threat to their lives with the intent to kill. This matter has now taken a drastic turn and the authorities have been called upon to take strict action and conduct a thorough investigation regarding this matter.