By-election code of conduct comes into effect

National Assembly Election

KATHMANDU, Oct 25: The Election Commission (EC) has issued the election code of conduct in view of the upcoming by-election effective from today.

“The election code of conduct comes into effect from Friday in order to make the by-elections free, fair, transparent and fearless,” said the EC in a press release.

The by-election, scheduled for November 30, will elect one member of House of Representative, three state assembly members, one mayor, three chairpersons, one vice-chair and 43 ward chairs, which have remained vacant in 43 districts.

With the election code of conduct in effect, implementation of new programs, use of public building and vehicles, creation of any new vacancy and transfer, promotion and deputation of the employees are prohibited until the elections are completed, said the EC.

The code of conduct is applicable to the political parties, candidates, mass media, non-government organizations, observers and employees code.