Unprecedented confrontation will see several political leaders incarcerated

KATHMANDU, Oct 28: During the festive holidays in Nepal there is a newfound competition that has arisen between the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (NCP) and the leader of the opposition Nepali Congress (NC). One has pitted against the other and the events that have unfolded with accusations and evidence have led many leaders to jail.

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Krishna Bahadur Mahara also the senior leader of the NCP was the first such high profile case where the opposition seems to have provided effective aide toward collecting evidence and applying political pressure. That not only led to Mahara’s resignation but ultimately to his arrest where Women Union President Uma Regmi was proactive on her insistence for strict action.

A few days later old files were dug and in a remarkable case that would baffle any normal being a leader of Nepali Congress and current parliamentarian Mohammed Aftab Alam was arrested for a case related to the brick kiln murders that took place 12 years ago. It is assuming to note that all this while he was roaming scot-free and maintained a political position.

Similarly, Nepali Congress leader Devendra Raj Kandel was under the scanner for dual citizenship, and this evidence it seems was provided by sources in the NCP.

The determination and the buck do not stop, NC now is reverting the damage caused. Recently a leader of the student wing of the NC Jeet Jung Basnet has accused the NCP of shielding the guilty of the high profile Nirmala Panta rape and murder case. Basnet has asked for a DNA test to be taken of the son of Home Minister and senior leader of the NCP Ram Bahadur Thapa. This was the case too where a video surfaced showing Nepal Police clearly destroying the evidence in the scene of crime washing the clothes of the dead victim.

The barrage of leveling accusations may take a bigger turn after the holidays end. It has brought an entirely unprecedented level of confrontation between the two parties. The tussle is likely to get worse as many are in the process of digging past files of one another.

Nepali Congress leader and Vice-President of the party Bijaya Kumar Gacchedar along with NCP leader Bishnu Poudel are being accused in the Lalita Niwas land grabbing case. An investigation into their involvement is being sought. Likewise, Krishna Prasad Sitaula senior leader and former Minister of the Nepali Congress is likely to be dragged in the Brick Kiln murder case alongside Mohammed Aftab Alam.

Many leaders may face stringent action in the near future due to this unprecedented confrontation which likely will continue to bolster up in the days ahead.

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