Gaur repugnance: Barbarity at its worse, current DPM prime accused

Reporters Nepal: A massive killing due to political rivalry took place in Gaur on the 21st of March 2007. Then Madhesi People’s Right Forum ( Madhesi Jaana Adhikar Forum) leader Upendra Yadav is said to have been involved in the events that unfolded which led to the brutal killing of over 26 individuals. The exact number is yet to be ascertained, to date a few are declared missing. The victims were then the members of the Nepal Communist Party Maoist faction.

On the afternoon of the 21st of March, members of the MJF and the Maoists were planning a national gathering of their respective parties in the same venue located in Gaur. The administration had looked into the security detail and were well prepared for confrontation but not at the scale that they would imagine. It was a nightmare for the local enforcement agencies, and the intention of the programs to be held at the same location looked preplanned for disaster.

The stage for both parties was 60 meters apart, and what began as vandalism from the MJF, turned violent within minutes. Both sides clashed destroying each other’s stages, to begin with, cadres of the Maoist and Madhesi party resorted to attacking each other.

The turn of events led to open firing and people were running helter-skelter in fear and confusion. 5 cadres of the Maoists are said to have died on the spot. The wounded were attacked mercilessly with the intention to kill. A woman Pratima Khatun was forced upon and burnt alive by the Maoists.

The cadres of the Maoists who ran away to save their lives toward Sarlahi were chased, caught and brutally killed with blows and sticks.

Several females were forced upon and burnt alive including Rekha Pariya, Usha Thapa, and Saraswati Upreti by the Madhesi Jaanaadhikar forum cadres. The Maoists who took shelter in nearby houses were searched, caught and beaten to death.

Likewise, there were several along with women that were burnt alive or were mercilessly chased down and beaten to death. The entire incident is said to have been masterminded by the current Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister of Health Upendra Yadav.

There were several investigations and studies in this particular case of the Gaur killings and it points toward Yadav who is the prime accused. The other accused Baban Singh went into hiding, ran for elections as an independent candidate while underground and convincingly won.

Similarly, Lalan Singh, Chandrika Singh, Bhusan Singh, Ajay Gupta, Babulal Sah, Gauri Shankar, Gagan Dev Baitha, Shambhu Sah, Balram Singh Kunwar, and Ganeshman Yadav are said to be the primary accused in the case which caused the death of over 26 individuals.

Several reports that investigated the case found that the entire incident was preplanned. The incident exposed the brutality of the people who indulged in rape, murder, arson, and vandalism. It was an unfortunate incident where justice failed, and the enforcement couldn’t visualize and take charge of what transpired within a short period. The inability to control and the crowd that was let loose on one another was also an inherent weakness in the part of the law enforcement agencies.