State 5 Chief Minister Pokharel’s Tihar greetings


KATHMANDU, Oct 29: State 5 government chief minister Shankar Pokharel has said rendering the society dynamic by uniting it, enhancing goodwill, brotherhood and friendship have been the special characteristic of every festival of the Nepalis.

In a message of best wishes he issued on the occasion of Tihar, the second biggest festival of Nepalis today, he believed that like the rest of the festivals of the Nepalis this (Tihar) festival will also play an important role in increasing family bond and social goodwill.

Chief Minister Pokharel also laid emphasis on preserving the uniqueness of the Tihar festival for highlighting its cultural significance. Expressing concern over the festivals which enhance family love and goodwill as well as social harmony becoming ‘more expensive and anomalous’ in recent years, he urged one and all to pay attention to celebrating these festivals preserving their social norms and values in a unique fashion without any extravagance.(RSS)