Chhath concludes (Photo Feature)

Chhath concludes

KATHMANDU, Nov 3: Chhath, a Hindu festival native to Madhesi people of Nepal, has concluded today.

The festival, which begins four days after Tihar, concludes by offering arghya to the rising sun. On the fourth day, the devotees gather at the banks of rivers early in the morning and offer arghya to the sun when it rises.

Thousands of Hindu devotees inside the Kathmandu Valley had gathered at the banks of Guheshwori, Kamal Pokhara, Gahana Pokhari, Nagh Pokhari, Bagmati, Bishumati to offer arghya to the rising sun.

After offering arghya, they break their 36-hour fast by taking ginger and water.

Chhath is also observed in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh of India.

(Photo Credit: Mukunda Kalikote for Reporters Nepal)