Weak laws in place VAW continues unabated, GoN in slumber

Sindhuli, Nov 4: While the Government of Nepal (GoN) lauds itself in trying to make Nepal a gender-based violence-free nation, the reality is on the contrary.

In a pachydermatous case of absolute cruelty that happened last evening 32-year-old, Aasha Sada was beaten and had her face dipped in boiling fish curry. This atrocity was meted by none other than her husband Ritu Sada.

(Asha Sada receiving treatment at the Sindhuli Hospital) 

Speaking about the incident to the Reporters Club over the phone member of the Sindhuli hospital Praladh Kumar Pokharel said that ” the husband came drunk, beat her, and dipped her face in boiling fish curry. She was then confined in the house and rescued by a member of the One-stop Crisis Management Center (OCMC) that looks into cases of violence against women”.

Asha who is from the Musahar community is financially incapable of funding her needs, and he was provided aid and treatment at the hospital at the behest of Pokharel.

This incident that took place in Dudhauli-4 of Sindhuli district has brought the ferocity of patriarchal vehemence, and women like Asha have their lives damaged forever.

Although the police have begun investigations into the case, the husband Ritu Sada is absconding and untraceable.

Pokharel further stated “our number one priority right now is to provide aid and financial help for the treatment of Asha, we managed to send her to Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu in the ambulance available at the hospital with all costs covered.

These are just initial steps, she requires long term treatment as her face has been completely damaged due to the incident. She has one-year-old twins, and I had informed the Mayor of the area so they are looked after.

Most importantly our immediate priority is to save her life. Later we also have to ensure that she has the means to survive and take care of her infants”.

Since Aasha’s face is completely damaged she will have to spend time in the hospital which will be increasingly expensive in the coming days.

Social activist Ujjwal Thapa coordinated from Kathmandu and received the victim at the Teaching Hospital. Both social activists Thapa and Pokharel believe that the guilty should face stringent action.

Due to weak laws crimes toward women are at an alarmingly increasing trend, with no fear of repercussion it continues unabated while the government is in slumber.

The GoN plans to observe the fiscal year of 2019 as ” Campaign Year Against Gender-Based-Violence” and this incident has exposed the slackness of the government toward making Nepal a Gender-Based Violence free nation.

(Photo Courtesy: Praladh Kumar Pokharel location Sindhuli Hosptial covered by Birat Krishna Thapa)