Samajwadi Party to withdraw from NCP led coalition: Rijal

KATHMANDU: Part of the ruling alliance Samajwadi Party central committee and public relations member Ram Prasad Rijal has stated that his party will withdraw from the government.

“The lack of progress in the constitution amendment and with no sign of it moving forward the party has decided to withdraw from the government” as disclosed by Rijal.

Speaking to the team at the Reporters Club on Wednesday, leader Rijal said that the constitutional amendment was the utmost goal that his party carried while supporting the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) government, and since the Prime Minister has not been serious regarding this issue they are impelled to leave the ruling coalition he clarified.

He also said that the party’s central committee meeting will be held on the 15th and 16th this November. This meeting will be a decider and we will withdraw our support to the NCP led government.

He also stated that party workers were disappointed with the decision-makers because of the lack of progress and effort in the constitutional amendment.

Rijal also stated that the party will now take to the streets demanding the previous agreements including the constitutional amendment to be implemented and pressurize the government to act.

He also said that due to the need of the masses the party will have a merger with the Rashtriya Janata Party Nepal, “with this merger we will provide a new alternative power and we are actively pursuing it. This will be decided in the coming central committee meeting regarding their merger with us”.