Govt unveils National Education Policy 2076

Rabindra Adhikari

KATHMANDU, Nov 8: The government Thursday unveiled the National Education Policy-2076 with a vision to develop Nepal as an educational hub providing world-class education.

The education policy, which has put forth the slogan ‘Educated, civilized, healthy and competent human resources: Social justice, transformation and prosperity’, has set a goal to develop human resources aligning the needs of the country through competitive, technology-friendly, employment-intensive and production-oriented education at all levels.

According to the policy, the higher education graduates should mandatorily serve the country as volunteers for a certain period of time. A National Development Service will be developed to help volunteers attain practical skills and knowledge and utilize the benefits of higher education in social service.

Likewise, the minimum qualification required to be a teacher at a child center has been set as grade 10. A policy arrangement has also been adopted to ensure minimum wage to the school teachers and staff of the primary child class as per the Labor Act.

Similarly, the policy has envisaged the formation of a higher-level education council under the leadership of the Prime Minister for effective regulation and management of higher education.

Among other policy arrangements are: establishment of national science school, attainment of professional degree only after academic degree, granting permanent status to the teachers only on the recommendation of the Teacher Service Commission and arrangement of qualified and self-motivated teachers in all schools across the country within five years.

“The policy was adopted to bring about visible changes in the education sector with the country ushering into the federal, democratic republic systems,” said Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel while making public the education policy at a press conference held at the Ministry on Thursday.

“The policy was formulated based on everyday problems faced by the ministry and the issues unaddressed in the policy would be incorporated in the Federal Education Act,” he added.

The policy was formulated by a task force headed by Minister Pokharel in line with the recommendation of the high-level national education commission.

Source: RSS