United for territorial integrity won’t spare an inch of our land: HoR Yadav

KATHMANDU, Nov 11: Member of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the party presidium of Rashtriya Janata Party (National People’s Party) Mahendra Raya Yadav said that “since the area of Kalapani is a part of Nepal the Government of Nepal (GoN) should take immediate steps in order to bring it back”.

Speaking at a press interaction program organized at the Reporters Club HoR Yadav spoke on the current border dispute. “In a historic stand of unity a meeting was held in Baluwatar and all parties are in agreement. Our nation has a strong government.

The agreement yesterday has provided more strength to the GoN. The border dispute has been going on from the past 70 years and it is time that we take diplomatic steps and resolve this dispute through dialogue and diplomacy for lasting future”.

HoR Yadav said that we had taken several steps in the past, we made visits to India, but the matter remained unresolved. The secretary-level meetings and the subsequent committees were unable to solve the problem. The GoN now will have to take an active diplomatic step. There have to be three channels of academicians, technocrats, and politicians to resolve the dispute, and the GoN has to take this step.

“We won’t spare an inch of our space, we are united for our territorial integrity. The government has to seriously initiate a step”.

“It is a challenging but opportune moment for the GoN to take a step forward to seek a solution. It has unanimous support from all the parties including RJPN”.

“We will not yield results by protesting in the streets and the dispute won’t be resolved. We have to better our relations with India, and this responsibility has to be shouldered by the current government.

Protests create a distance, but dialogue and discussion would definitely bring a solution. Nepal has all the evidence with maps and historical records in place, so the entire land that has been encroached should be given back”.