Secularism was rammed: Protecting cultural integrity and identity need of the hour

KATHMANDU, Nov 12: The Rashtriya Prajatantra Party Samyukta, (National Democratic Party United) RPP(U) organized a press release in the presence of their Co-Chairs former Minister Pashupati Sumsher Rana and former Minister Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani.

The press release was organized yesterday at the Reporters Club in Kathmandu to highlight the upcoming religious tour of the party from Janakpurdham to Lumbini.

The RPP(U) states that ” Incorporating all religious beliefs and practices and providing religious freedom with the framework of the Sanatan dharma is an essential requirement for Nepal to be a Hindu Nation.

With this firm acceptance in order for our cultural and religious resurrection, the RPP(U) is starting a religious tour from 14th to the 20th of November. The religious tour will take place from the birthplace of Mother Sita in Janakpurdham to her cemetery in Chitwan Balmiki Ashram, toward Lord Buddha’s birthplace of Lumbini”.

The press release also requested the people to make awareness and resurrection tour successful for the future of Nepal, and protection of its cultural integrity and identity. The release states “necessity for the continuation of our faith, belief, tradition, and cultural value and its protection is the need of the hour”.

“We have a glorious history, and with changing times we have to incorporate the needs and aspirations of the people. Secularism that was forced on the people is the opposite of what the people really desire, it also is not in line with the current circumstances of our nation. We request 94% of the Omkar Family to take part in the sanctity of our religious tour”.