Disrespecting people’s mandate, secularism was unilaterally declared: Dr. Lohani

KATHMANDU, Nov 12: Chairman of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party Samyukta (National Democratic Party United) RPP (U) and former Minister Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani said, “it is extremely crucial for Nepal to have a distinct cultural and religious identity and in order to address this we are going on a religious tour starting from the 14th of November”.

Speaking at a press release organized by his party RPP(U)  at the Reporters Club yesterday Dr. Lohani shed light on the issue of the necessity for Nepal to be a Hindu nation.

“What is it that the people really want? Did the government or the leadership take into account any of the sentiments of the people? It just imposed secularism. During the time of the first and second constituent assembly, there were questionnaires that were prepared for the people.

In the questionnaire the people were asked whether they wanted Nepal to be a secular nation, there were over 200,000 responses. The government did not release the data and neither did it say what the people really wanted, it unilaterally declared Nepal to be a secular nation”

“Most importantly the mandate of the people was not taken into consideration and it is a sincere appeal from my party to make the religious tour successful and create awareness among the masses in order to protect the cultural identity and value of the Nepalese society,” he said.

Speaking about the border issue Dr. Lohani made it clear that the disputed areas of Lipulek and Kalapani belonged to Nepal. There was no doubt or reservations. This was decided way back in 1826 after the signing of the Sugauli treaty.

“People and students have to protest in order to pressurize the Government of Nepal in order to take steps to resolve the issue. But this government has arrested students and several activists who were raising a valid concern. This should not have been the approach of the government” he said.