GoN would get zero if their current work was evaluated: General Secretary Jha

Reporters Club Event: “The current border dispute between India and Nepal is a subject of importance. In the all-party meeting chaired by PM Oli there was a unanimous decision which added strength to the current 2/3rd majority government” said General Secretary of the Rashtriya Janata Party RJPN, ( National People’s Party Nepal) Keshav Jha.

Speaking at a special interaction program organized at the Reporters Club he also mentioned the need for looking deeper into the details and historical evidence related to the border dispute. “There is a show of strength, and yes we have to be nationalistic, but we must also handle the situation positively and tackle the issue at a diplomatic level.

It is said that King Mahendra to save the Panchayat regime had an agreement with India, we have to investigate into this in detail and bring out the truth”.

He spoke on the necessity for the use of diplomatic channels to resolve the border dispute. “There was a formation of the EPG (Eminent Persons Group) which was not successful in resolving the issue. The Government of Nepal (GoN) now has to take up the responsibility and open dialogue through diplomacy. It is better not to make an issue but rather initiate a dialogue, he said”.

He also shared the ideals of which the bilateral relations of India and Nepal were based, on people to people ties. We cannot destroy these ties in the name of ultranationalism protesting each time we have a problem. Let us understand the sentiments of the people living in the borders.

Remember a saying goes “barking dogs never bite, we have to take action through every means at our disposal. China too has to take our sovereignty seriously. Their press release was not in line with diplomatic practices. China needs to correct its method and approach toward Nepal. The GoN needs to intervene by diplomatic means but this has not happened”

Speaking about the corruption that is plaguing the nation, Jha said that look at the numerous scams the GoN has been involved in. The Airplane procurement scam, the Gold smuggling case, Lalita Niwas land grabbing scandal, and the NCELL scam. The ruling party is also serving as a protectionist where the accused are being let go because of their affiliation and position in the party”.

“The government will get zero marks if there is an evaluation of their work. They have failed in every aspect to make the country economically forward. If we take a look at the share market it has fallen with most investments from middle-class families being affected.

From 22 trillion Nepalese rupees (NRs) it has come down to 12 trillion NRs, damaging the investments of many Nepalese. Most of the corruption is taking place at the local level, which the GoN is not being able to curb.

We are now part as an Asia Pacific member and according to the financial assessment we are being kept in the disastrous grey area. We may face a similar crisis like the one ongoing to Venezuela. Inflation will be uncontrollable”.

Finally speaking about the unification with Samajwadi Party, he said that although ideologically there are similarities, discussions are progressing, and we need a broader consensus for the unification to materialize”.