Country going through a terrible phase of corruption: Dr. Yadav

Reporters Club Event: “The conclusion of the all-party meeting chaired by Prime Minister K.P. Oli had fostered national unity along with resolving the border dispute diplomatically,” said Central committee member of the Samajwadi Party (Socialist Party of Nepal) Dr. Shivaji Yadav.

Speaking at a special interaction program organized at the Reporters Club he reiterated his party’s commitment towards helping the government in the border dispute between India and Nepal.

“We won’t leave an inch of our land. It is rightfully ours, without doubt, we stand united with the government to move forward and initiate steps that can be taken towards a resolution”

Yadav spoke about how Gorkha’s serving in the Indian army has always shed their blood for the country.

“Irrespective of whether it is India or China for the matter, we are a sovereign nation and our territorial integrity has to be protected. We have to fix our national borderline, and we cannot compromise in this regard”.

The country is going through a terrible phase of corruption, and the Government of Nepal (GoN) has not been able to take measures to address the issue. The administration is weak and failing, this has lead to increasing lawlessness in the country.

“There has to be legal action against the accused in cases of corruption irrespective of the position or party the person may belong to. The law has to take its course and if found guilty then necessary legal procedures must be initiated to book the culprit.

The government has a 2/3rd majority and is in a powerful position to make reforms of their choice. Yet we see very little action being taken towards progress and development.

He also said that “it is time for parties to unite, not to break up and disintegrate further, the former is always counterproductive.

There has to be consensus on issues of national importance and this time all parties have given their support to the government.

Speaking about the possibility of unification with the Rashtriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) he said that the party’s central committee meeting will decide, and in the meantime, parleys are undergoing between the leaders to reach a broader understanding about the modalities and power-sharing after the merger. Nothing was certain but there is a process underway to seek a possible merger with the RJPN.