Brick kiln murders: Accused threatens cop of dire consequences (Video)

2008 Rautahat Blast

KATHMANDU: Prime accused in the brick kiln murder case Mohammad Aftab Alam has surfaced in a new video which shows him threatening to take dire action against the police personnel that was escorting him back to jail.

A leader of the Nepali Congress and suspended, member of the House of Representatives in the video says ” there will be thousands of people like dacoits who will burn this place down, and the behavior you have shown, you will not be spared for this”.

The footage that appeared on social media yesterday which was captured while taking Alam back to jail from the court shows his desperation and anger on the ongoing investigations.

आलमले जेल जाँदै गर्दा दिएको धम्की

बम पड्काएर मान्छे घाइते बनाई जिउँदै इट्टभट्टामा पोल्ने आलमले जेल जाँदै गर्दा दिएको धम्की

Posted by Parewa News on Monday, November 18, 2019

“I will not spare anyone, this district will never see peace,” he says slamming his hands on the dashboard of the vehicle. “More people will be killed in the district it won’t be peaceful, I will make sure you are in handcuffs. You treated me like a dacoit; I will not spare you there will be thousands of them on the street”.

While the officer on duty tries to calm him by saying to wait for the court’s decision, Alam can be seen angry and shouting back at them threatening dire consequences of their actions of arresting him and taking him away in public view.

Alam was brought to court as the main accused in the brick kiln murder case that led to the death of over 23 individuals and disappearances. The prosecutors had sought a term of 30 years imprisonment.

On November 15 under a single bench of Justice Deepak Dhakal, Alam was ordered to remain in prison till the final verdict on the case.

Alam had planned to capture booths in the Constituent Assembly Elections of 2008 by planting bombs to scare voters. The bombs exploded in a cowshed where it was being made killing multiple instantly and injuring two dozen others. The injured were then injected and in a comatose state thrown into a nearby brick kiln managed by Alam’s relative and burnt alive.