Categorically denied justice: Nirmal Panta Rape and Murder case in oblivion

KANCHANPUR: Nirmala Pant from Bhimdutta Municipality-2 was a 13-year-old school-going girl who was raped and subsequently murdered. The case had caught national attention due to the horrific nature of the crime.

Nirmala was raped and murdered in a sugarcane field back on July 27, 2018. This did bring widespread criticism toward law enforcement and their inability to catch the culprit.

This is also the case where Nepal Police was seen in video footage destroying crucial forensic evidence in the scene of the crime making it unmanageable to catch the real culprit, or even have a case with supporting forensic evidence.

Recently Durga Devi Pant the mother of late Nirmala has requested the police to take notice of the FIR that was filed on September 8 against Dilip Singh Bista. The FIR was filed in the District Police office in Kanchanpur. Durga Devi had met the in-charge Sushil Baidhya stationed at the district police. But even after two months, there has not been any hearing regarding the case.

It is close to being two years since the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta. The real murderer has not been caught, and due to the mismanagement of the police in the case neither is evidence available or credible.

The FIR that was filed by the mother has not resulted in any action. Dilip the main accused in the FIR is said to have claimed of murdering Nirmala to various media houses but is also mentally disabled.

The case is now limited for investigation as all possible evidence has been destroyed and DNA samples were tampered and were inadmissible as evidence.

The police on their behalf are looking into evidence and when they find something concrete will move forward with the FIR.

Nirmala had gone to her friend’s place on that fateful day. There were various committees formed, but none were able to bring the main accused to book. Birendra K.C quit the Home Ministry investigation panel as he claimed he received threats to his life and family. An oblivion case for the authorities’ justice here was categorically denied for the victim.