It’s time to end mafias, syndicates and capitalists: Former DPM Mainali

DANG: Chairman of the Former Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party Marxist (CPN-M) Chandra Prakash Mainali stated that his party stands for ”equality and inclusion”.

Speaking at a special press interaction program organized by the Reporters Club Dang chapter in Tulsipur the former DPM said we always will stand for the principles of inclusion and equality.

The program was officiated by the President of the Reporters Club Dang chapter Sharad Regmi, where the Chair of the CPN-M divulged that his party was against secularism. “CPN-M is against secularism but that does not mean we are in favor of a Hindu nation”.

Mainali accused the current government was involved in proselytization toward Christianity. The government worked tirelessly to promote and make the Christian conference a success, leaders received millions of Nepalese rupees (NRs) and the influence of Christianity is rapidly increasing.

He also stated that “we have to be responsible for our nation. We are in favor of making a strong nation, and it is our party is inclined toward developing social wealth and the economy, that is our primary aim”.

He said that “it was time to end mafias, syndicates, and capitalists. There is an urgency to develop national wealth, industries and give opportunities for the rise of small scale businesses.

Mainali also spoke on the importance of equal gender rights. “Our party is strictly against individuals who are living illegally in the country and citizenship should not be distributed without proper verification”.

He also requested the people to support his party for the upcoming by-elections in Dang-3 for the state assembly. He asked the voters to verify and be aware of the different agendas of the political parties before going to vote. This program was conducted by the general secretary of the Reporters Club Dang chapter Bimal Gautam.