NCP leader warns Sah of action, Kashi Tiwari murder case may reopen

KATHMANDU: The reorganization of the Council of Ministers (CoM) has dissatisfied the President of federal province 2 and former Minister Prabhu Sah. Irked by the decision of the central leadership of his party the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Sah took to his social media handle to express his grave dissatisfaction.

His status stated “the reorganization of the ministers has not been done based on work and merit, but based on factional grouping, give and take. Basic communist principles have been flouted while selecting the ministers and no value has been given to principles. The ones who were meritocratic were removed and those who were incompetent were appointed, this has once again brought shame to the entire party”.

Countering the accusation another leader of the NCP Bishnu Rijal gave a piece of his mind on his social media page warning Sah of disciplinary action. Not only was it limited to this but it went a step further when Rijal disclosed the possibility of reopening the Kashi Tiwari murder case.

Rijal questions “is it true that the Kashi Tiwari murder case will be reopened? The party will not spare anyone neither will it shield its leaders if found guilty”.

Kashi Tiwari was a youth leader of the Nepal Hindu Federation affiliated with the Communist Party of Nepal Maoist Centre.

Sah is said to be the mastermind behind Tiwari’s death, but although an accused in the case he was let go by the court due to lack of evidence back in 2011. Subsequently, mayor of Katahariya Siyaram Kushawaha who was accused was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

It is said that while the investigations were ongoing Sah was then serving as Minister of Land Reforms. The investigations may have been influenced due to the misuse of power.

Kashi Tiwari was shot in Birgunj on 26 June 2010, he was fired at by Kushawaha. The latter and Sah who was said to be the mastermind was investigated. Sah was acquitted due to lack of evidence. The family of Tiwari had requested the government to prosecute Sah.