RJPN coordinator Mahato rules out merger possiblities with Samajbadi

RJPN and Samajbadi Unification

SIRAHA, Nov 25: Rastirya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) Presidium coordinator Rajendra Mahato has ruled out the possibility of unification with Samajbadi Party led by Upendra Yadav unless the latter quit the government.

The unification talks between the two regional parties have stalled for the past few months after Yadav, who is the deputy prime minister and law minister, seemed reluctant to quit the government.

Both RJPN and Samajbadi, who continues strong disapproval toward the Consitution of Nepal promulgated in 2015, have embraced the similar agenda of the constitution amendment. At times, both the parties seemed eager for merger–which could give them 35 seats (after unification with Dr. Baburam Bhattarai-led Naya Shakti) and a stronger bargaining position in the 275 member parliament, RJPN has insisted Yadav quit the government first to make way for the merger process.

RJPN expressing dissatisfaction with the government for its failure to keep its promise of constitution amendment withdrew its support given to the government in March.

“We are holding talks with parties having a similar agenda for unification. But, merger with Samajbadi is not possible because Yadav is still in the government,” Mahato told reporters in Siraha.

Samajbadi Federal Council Chair Dr. Bhattarai and other party leaders have been pressuring Yadav to quit the government as immediately as possible arguing the government failed to address their demands of the constitution amendment.

Yadav also seems unhappy with Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli at late after Oli, while reorganizing his Council of Ministers, transferred him from the Health Ministry to Law Ministry with his consultation. Yadav was in Delhi when the change in ministries was done.

According to reports, Yadav used his own private vehicle to go to attend a party meeting on Sunday. Instead of reaching the office, Yadav headed to Pokhara with Bhattarai for a by-election campaign.