NCP led CoM murder accused: Criminals under the garb of politics walk scot free

KATHMANDU, NOV 25: Currently one former minister and member of the house of representative (HoR) is under trial and in jail accused of the brick kiln murders in Rautahat. Mohammad Aftab Alam leader of the Nepali Congress (NC) will likely be in jail till further deliberation and notice. Accused for trying to resort to violence in order to swing voters in his favor in the 2008 constituent assembly elections (CA), he is also charged under disrupting law and order.

Reorganization of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) council of ministers (CoM) was formally initiated last week. It is crucial and pertinent to note that several members of the CoM are accused of murder.

The reorganization included a name that was accused in a murder case. Current Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens Parbat Gurung has a murder case pending and is on a general date from the Kathmandu District Court. He was released on a general date from the District court being accused of an attempt to murder just 30 days ago.

Minister Parbat Gurung is accused of attempting to murder party worker Bir Dhwaj Khadka. In an FIR filed by Khadka, Minister Gurung is said to have ordered Khadka’s killing, which led to Gurung’s arrest and subsequent release on a general date by the District Court of Kathmandu. Under a single bench of Justice Purneshwor Kumar Upadhaya, Minister Gurung was let off on a general date while the investigations into the case are ongoing.

The investigations reveal that back on 9th May 2017, in Reshamdanda ward level candidate for the local elections Kul Bahadur Tamang was killed who hailed from Dolakha district.

A group of men armed with sharp weapons attacked and killed Tamang. This case dragged Minister Gurungs name too. He is yet to appear in court later this month in courtroom number 7. Others accused in the murder of Kul Bahadur Tamang were Ministers from NCP, Devi Khadka, Bishal Khadka, Ganga Karki, Bimarsha Karki and 40 others that are named in the FIR in the police precinct of Dolakha district.

Other ministers who are accused currently a part of the NCP led council of ministers are Upendra Yadav for masterminding the Gaur Massacre that took place back in 2007.

There are other leaders of the NCP too who are accused of a murder they are Agni Sapkota, Suryaman Dong, and Prabhu Sah.

Agni Sapkota and Suryaman Dong are accused of the murder of Arjun Lama of Kavre. Similarly, Prabhu Sah is accused in the murder of Kashi Tiwari.

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